Studio Five

Studio Five is a fashion and textile brand based in Glasgow that prides itself on unique, stylish and sustainable fashion and interiors. They draw inspiration from the natural world and combine illustrations, photography, and collage to create a collection of unisex, organic cotton tees, one-off, hand made tees and hand rolled scarves.

Edinburgh Textiles Collective
In cooperation with IKEA and Zero Waste Scotland, a group of up and coming designers from Edinburgh College of Art. E.T.C uses contemporary design and colour to create unique, hand printed and handmade pieces in Scotland, whilst maintaining a level of sustainability to the best of our ability by striving to limit waste production.

Fjallraven is proud to be able to offer our customers timeless, durable and functional outdoor clothing and equipment, creating products that last longer and are better for the environment than trendy items that only last one season. They are constantly striving to improve processes, select suitable raw materials and decrease our consumption of water, energy and chemicals.

Wyatt and Jack
All of Wyatt and Jack’s recycled bags are made entirely from up cycled deck chair canvas and repurposed bouncy castle PVC, each one lovingly hand crafted in Britain.

With her vision to produce thoughtful accessories, Chelli Look began CHC; a collection of handcrafted leather goods, brought together in her Chicago studio with materials sourced from the USA. As a giving company, CHC donates ten percent of profits to WINGS; an organization providing services to end domestic violence & homelessness.

Handmade with love from locally-sourced and eco-friendly materials including natural straw, sustainably sourced shell and recycled wood, Kayu bags blend modern Californian style with traditional crafts of South East Asia.

Nu Blvck
With no physical stores and no complex supply chain, Nu Blvck is simply passionate about changing the world of fashion and doing so with the best artisan producers. Their approach brings the artisans closer to our customers, reduces waste in the supply chain and allows for more ethical, transparent trade.  Each piece is truly limited edition and completely handmade to order.

Tribe Alive
Tribe Alive’s passion for quality handmade clothing and responsible commerce is a platform that empowers women to raise themselves out of poverty all around the planet.They partner with female artisans in Guatemala, Haiti, India, Honduras, and Texas to employ impoverished women at fair-trade wages. Their studios create safe work environments, dependable income, and the power to determine their own future.

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