Autumn Accessory Essentials

Fashion, Seasonal

The leaves are turning brown and the haar is drawing in, Autumn is here, and although its fabulous to enjoy Pumpkin Spice Lattes again, personally I’m panicking about what to wear every morning. Its an awkward transitional time, with bright sunny days with random rain and shine, never being able to predict the temperature, so I’ve been desperately searching for fashion inspiration that actually matches Scottish weather

Autumn/Winter trends tend to repeat every year because its a time of year that people revert to the classics. Think staple white shirts, suede ankle boots, trench coats and warm, earthy colours. 

Instead, this season I’m focussing on changing up my accessories to update those failsafe autumn outfits, and instead of feeding my shopping addiction, I decide to delve deep into my existing wardrobe.

The Burgundy Chelsea Boot

These cosy autumnal ankle boots are from Tods at Harvey Nichols

Also Try: These heeled versions from Office,10/1793660957

The Vintage Leather Backpack

The Everyday Shades

These versatile, customisable sunglasses are from Sum Company

Also Try: These tortoiseshell beauties from Accessorize,acc_5.29/1930382700

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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