The Best (free) Apps for Bloggers


In addition to the obvious, most used mobile applications like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there are lots of other apps for Android and iPhone that can be pretty helpful for bloggers.

As well as those mentioned in this post, I think a few more deserve an honourable mention. Pinterest is fantastic for gathering inspiration, and Layout is great for making photo collages. Tumblr is a good app (but web version is 100x better!) for not only following relevant accounts – for me its the likes of Who What Wear, Vogue, Topshop and Man Repeller- but also for distracting and relaxing with hilarious memes.

I’m also pretty late to the Snapchat bandwagon for blogging. I’ve always used the photo-messaging app to send silly selfies to friends, but only this week have made one for Urbanity Blog (add me: and discovered snapchat’s potential as an additional marketing tool.

1. Evernote
Free from App Store

This is great app (which you can link across devices, including your computer/laptop)  for gathering your ideas together. If you’re anything like me, and amazing ideas come to you at the most inconvenient times,  Evernote is perfect for jotting down inspiration. 

1. Evernote
Free from App Store

I have been using Hootsuite for a few weeks on my laptop, and decided to download the mobile app too. Hoostsuite 
 is a social media scheduling tool, which is so handy for bloggers like me who also have part or full time jobs, and a busy social life too!

3. Google Analytics
Free from App Store

Even if you aren’t a tech genius (which I am definitely not), even the basic features of Google Analytics can really help you understand your audience, stats and search profile.

4. BeFunky
Free from App Store

Be Funky is my go-to photo editor. Easy adjustments, filters and much more to make my often rubbish iPhone photos into quality images!

5. Bloglovin’
Free from App Store

It goes without saying that Bloglovin is the easiest way to follow the blogs you love, and to discover new content and new bloggers. You can follow the latest posts on Urbanity here:

6. Tagomatic
Free from App Store

This is a clever little app, designed to help you increase the reach, and ultimately likes/follows, of your Instagram posts. You type in a couple of keywords and it provides the most popular hashtags to copy and paste straight to your caption.

7. Typorama
Free from App Store

This is my favourite new app. You can add the most beautiful and unique typography to any images. Its my go-to for blog post title pictures now!

Edit: A few more apps I have discovered after publishing this post:

Dragon Dictation
Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages. In fact, it’s up to five times faster than typing on the keyboard. 
Turn your photos into art masterpieces!

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

4 thoughts on “The Best (free) Apps for Bloggers

  1. I am loving Prisma so much right now. It's such a fun and different take on filters.

    Handy post, will be checking out Evernote now.

    p.s just about to follow you on Snapchat!

    Emily x


  2. Have just followed you on Snapchat! Trying to use mine more for my blog myself, but not sure where to start!

    Going to check out Tagomatic as I often feel I use the same hashtags again and again without many results. Have recently been having a little bit of a love affair with fonts so off to download Typorama too – great ideas!

    Mairi xx


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