Happy Place Cosmetics

Beauty, Cruelty Free

I discovered Happy Place Cosmetics on Instagram and instantly knew this was the beauty brand for me, for three reasons- everything is 100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan, everything is made right here in Edinburgh, and it all looks/smells like delicious cookies! What’s not to love?
I finally got round to ordering some lovely products from founder Kirstie Barlow last week, so read more to see what I got my hands on!

Firstly, I had to treat myself to ‘The Biscuit Bundle’! This included a beautiful selection of hand-soaps in the shape of cookies, a cookie dough scrub and sugar cookie body butter!

Just one look at the pictures and you’ll wish they were edible. They smell divine, and work really well either as an everyday hand wash or an indulgent bath time treat! I was amazed by the detail on these products, considering they are completely hand made, so that felt really special!

Next, I went for a selection of Kirstie’s adorable little tubs of goodness, each with a huge host of skin-loving ingredients hidden inside. The make up brush cleanser is a total miracle, as I guiltily never clean my make-up brushes, so along with the free little brush mitt, this has encouraged me to revamp my toolkit! Another favourite is the cookie dough club and the green tea scrub. Both have worked really well for my face and body, really smoothing the skin. My bundle also came with a gorgeous little thank you card, an explanation of all the contents, and a little homemade cosmetics bag. Thank you, Happy Place, for cheering up my skincare routine!

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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