Into-Industry Careers Event

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The Scottish Textile Skills Partnership and The Scottish Textiles Academic Group have organised a series of events called Into Industry to help fashion & textiles students understand more about the Scottish textiles and fashion industry. 

Tonight, I attended the their event at Edinburgh College of Art on behalf of The Scottish Design Exchange ( 

The event focussed on skills and gave students the chance to speak informally to small and larger companies about their products, work and experiences. Various exhibitors, including Kalopsia Collective, Eribe Knitwear and of course The Scottish Design Exchange displayed products, materials and information, and were available to browse by college students and staff, with Q&A sessions and structured interaction.

The main focus was identifying the skills students have and highlighting the skills desirable to employers.

The event was designed to be informal to encourage interaction between students, staff and employers and support agencies, and the primary aims are:
– to increase student’s knowledge of the fashion and textiles industry in Scotland today
– to encourage students to consider employment or self-employment in the Scottish textiles sector
– to increase students’ awareness of the skills sought by textile employers or required for self-employment
– to provide an opportunity for employers to showcase job roles available in their companies, now or in the near future .We brought along samples of product, including clothes and jewellery .

Find out more information here!

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