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 The quote you see here caught my eye on Friday as I approached the entrance of The Clothes Show Live 2015. This annual fashion event that takes place at the NEC in Birmingham (where I lived for over 16 years) consists of hundreds of stalls selling fashion and beauty products, exhibitions of student designers, celebrity areas, live catwalk showcases and of course, the Fashion Theatre masterpiece.

The runway exhibition itself was breathtakingly good. With Gemma Cairney as the compaire and Rae Morris as the entertainment, we were in for a showstopper, complete with incredible professional dancers and supermodels displaying high fashion looks on creative, interactive backdrops.

I travelled all the way from Aberdeen and back that day, because the event was a trip organised by my Fashion Management course at university. I had a great day with my classmates, who all really enjoyed the shopping opportunity! 
The highlights for me were the vintage stalls, which included Loving Youth, the concession I used to work for at Topshop. I also loved the fact that young designers were given a chance to show their hard work on the Image Catwalk, and the space in the arena that was dedicated to graduate brands and fashion education facilities.

The Clothes Show love to involve participants in all the action- some of my fellow students were picked to strut their stuff and talk about their personal style, while others got talking to model agencies, brand representatives, and TV personalities.

 Overall, a successful shopping-filled day, but no where near as exciting as when i was 12 years old and feeling like a fully-fledged fashion goddess!

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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