Jack Hinks @ Cabaret Voltaire

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Last weekend I was part of the audience at “Jack Hinks” headline gig held at Cabaret Voltaire, and it was quite some show. The collaboration of Guitar (Jack Hinks), Vocals (Jack Hinks and Fiona Liddell), Violins- yes two violinists! (Fiona Liddell and Hannah Dickson), Drums (Gab Zat) Piano (Sam Thorne) and Bass (Will Bleasedale) was so refreshing to see and had set my expectations high- I was certainly not disappointed, not even close.

They began playing their first song, and due to unfortunate sound difficulties the vocals could not be heard at the beginning (the sound issue was quickly dealt with). Instead of stopping the performance they continued to play, taking a comedic and light hearted approach to the situation and managing to glide over it very professionally. “Jack Hinks” work in harmony, giving smooth, energetic performances on every song keeping the audience applauding for more.  

“Jack Hinks” set included songs such as; “No One” “Shock to the System” (which includes a very impressive guitar solo from Lead singer and Guitarist Jack Hinks) ”Boy in the Background” “Summer” and more (but obviously not enough as the audience chanted “One More Song!” after their last!). They are now off the gig scene for a while to record a brand new EP, so stay tuned!

You can keep up to date with the musically gifted bunch at:

Facebook- Jack Hinks Music
Twitter/Instagram- @jackhinksmusic

And be sure to check out our review of their summer concert here!

All Photos courtesy of Perry Johnson Art

Sarah @ Urbanity xxx

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