Boho Vintage Concept Store

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During my adventures in Prague, Czech Republic, this week, I’ve discovered so many intriguing retail treasure troves. From pokey, dark little shopfronts filled with eccentric collections of antiques to huge thrift stores full of second-hand clothes to vinyl record and book shops with bargain classics lining the walls to flagship high-street and designer giants on the main shopping street. However, the one that stood out most to me was Boho, a “vintage concept store” pop-up….

Boho surprised us as we peeked inside, as it lay on a street full of traditional pubs, newsagents, pet shops and the like. Also, no offence Prague, but what we’d seen so far of it’s fashion scene, it seemed to be rather behind the times with little innovation! Like most stores there, signage and windows were very minimal and it was so dimly lit we doubted it was even open.

We were greeted by a shy but utterly lovely young woman who sat quietly, behind a counter covered with flyers and business cards advertising arty events, Czech fashion designers and cool music, while I browsed the intriguing selection of products that made me wish I hadn’t left half my koruna at the hotel! 

On display were mannequins dressed in authentic vintage clothing, rails of reworked or up cycled garments, original, high-end pieces from local talent hanging from huge suspended ropes, and distressed wooden shelving adorned with sumptuous leather gloves and handbags scattered amongst bespoke hand-made jewellery.

Prague was full of surprises, and it was amazing to discover the ‘underground’ style scene developing. Another post is coming soon about the stunning architecture, music and food!

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Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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