Edinburgh International Fashion Festival 2015

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 Today marks the beginning of a long weekend of exciting happenings as part the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival (EIFF). For the fourth successful year running, Jonathan and Anna Freemantle, founders of the festival, are celebrating fashion talent and legacy by curating several events in various venues around the city, all open to the public and absolutely free!

In creative hubs such as Dovecot Studios and Hill Street Design Studios, as well as the incredible National Museum of Scotland, essential talks and workshops are taking place for those interested in the inner workings of the industry. Look out for Pringle of Scotland giving the lowdown of making a snood, an intriguing Digital Storytelling Symposium , and an ode to the late great Louise Wilson from multiple fashion experts.

Whats more, EIFF gives independent brands an opportunity to get their products out there. Make sure to head to the South African design market on Friday and the Maker’s Market on Saturday, both at the Hill Street venue from 10 am. If your tastes are a little more high-end, how about attending the Calvin Klein Summer Style Masterclass in their brand new flagship on Princes Street?

It’s 2015, and the team behind this innovative festival recognise that for the fashion industry to be forseeable in the future, both environmentally and on a human level, we need to take action now. Therefore, they have partnered up with Zero Waste Scotland and are focussing on themes such as sustainability and education this year. One of today’s exhibitions was Africa Future Now, and insight into efforts to give South Africa an artistic and cultural voice, and coming up later in the week is a Sustainability Symposium at the museum, an open discussion about what the UK fashion industry is doing to address the challenge of a sustainable present.

Overall, there are many really interesting shows and presentations to delve into this week. If you are a keen fashionista with a strong moral compass, we recommend you get right on to sniffing out the best events. To find out more information visit the website and follow #EIFF of social media!

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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