Mallow Valley Cheesecake Cafe

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Yesterday marked the opening of the brand new cheesecake cafe in Edinburgh. Right next to Haymarket station and decorated in striking yellow, it’s hard to miss, and it’s delectable delights are certainly hard to forget. Here, Urbanity’s foodie Ruth reviews Mallow Valley. Warning: explicit food pornography ūüėČ Check out their website for more!

Upon entering the cafe we were greeted by chirpy music, friendly service and a whole host of balloons, bunting and free cake samples. We were handed extensive menus and found out that Mallow Valley serves so much more than meets the eye; from caramel apple bacon toasties to rainbow cupcakes, there’s loads to choose from is (for some insane reason) cheesecake isn’t your thing! We sat down and enjoyed a peach and mango smoothie¬†with an artisan filter coffee before ordering the key lime cheesecake and the mango and coconut cheesecake to share. Other options included Nutella, Lemon and New York, which all looked divine. The cheesecakes were light, fluffy and not too rich or heavy. They had a delicious fruity tang and a satisfying crunchy biscuit base.¬†Such huge portions though that I had to take a big chunk home in a pretty little takeout box!
The obligatory close up!

The Details

Service: 7/10 (friendly but slow)
Interiors: 8/10 (colourful and upbeat)
Accesibility: 9/10 (fairly central)
Price: 5/10 (overpriced imo)
Choice: 8/10 (loads of options)
Taste: 7/10 (good but not outstanding)
Texture: 9/10 (like angels on your tongue)
Presentation: 6/10 (could be prettier)

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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