Jack Hinks @ Sneaky Petes

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We think this is album cover material!

Last Saturday the Urbanity team went to Sneaky Pete’s in the Cowgate, Edinburgh for a fantastic evening of live music. Here we have access to exclusive pictures from the event’s official photographer Skye Lyon, and Jack’s reaction to his new bands’ debut sold-out gig.

Mad Gerald and The Litigators played great sets, but the headliner Jack Hinks stood out for us. A talented guitarist and vocalist, he was supported by a lively sextet of gifted musicians and cheered on by a packed crowd of music lovers.

The violins added a new, creative spin.

Jack Hinks – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Will Bleasdale – Bass, Backing Vocals
Sean Munro – Drums & Percussion, Backing Vocals
Sam Thorne – Piano, Backing Vocals
Fiona Liddell – 1st Violin, Backing Vocals

Hannah Dickson – 2nd Violin

 Jack on his origins and inspirations: “Ever since I first picked up a guitar, I’ve been obsessed. It started off as a very personal, introverted experience, but some 7 years along the line I have a 6 piece band and now openly see music in everything I do.My process is very much the same, but the band has now allowed me to realise what I’m hearing in my head, and that’s a very exciting thing after years of being predominantly an acoustic artist.”

Visit the band’s website where you can listen and download songs for free!
Would you lovely readers like to see more music on the blog? Let us know in the comments!

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