Photoshoot with Amelia Jacobsen

Fashion, Photoshoots

The Urbanity team recently had the incredible experience of a photoshoot day with Amelia Jacobsen Portraits. Here we show you the results which we are over the moon about, and chat to the lovely Amelia about her vision for the company. We had such a fabulous time at her studio in Leith and would recommend it to everyone; click here to find out how you can get involved!



 “I really want to encourage women of all ages to get in front of the camera and exist in photos, professional photos. I think it is important to capture this moment in time not just for themselves but for future generations. One day your children will want to see photos of you, and what will they find? It’s great we have smartphones now that capture the everyday but I’m encouraging them to come and have professional portraits of them looking and feeling their best.”

 “I want them to celebrate their relationships by bringing their loved ones for a photo shoot. Their mothers, daughters, sisters, best friends and partners. The studio is not exclusively for women, if they wish to have photos with boyfriends, partners and husbands I encourage them to come too, but the main ‘experience’ of my studio is to incorporate a wonderful pamper session where we help you to feel good for your photos.”

“Everyday in our media we are reminded of the body we are supposed to have, the looks to strive for to obtain perfection and they just aren’t realistic. I want to give women the opportunity to experience what it is like on a photo shoot and how they too can look and feel like the women in our magazines.I read a quote recently that said ‘We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone’, and I can’t agree more. I think it’s so important to have beautiful pictures of yourself.”

Urbanity xxx

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